On the way to see what last treasures night’s tide revealed.

After let down from completing a big project, I find the need to recharge. So experiment time again! Using some old Dr. Martin’s India ink and left over watercolor paper that had been wiped down with paint from a previous painting, I began. This is not a new artistic technique, but untried by me. I liked the results, definitely will be practiced more in the future. Finished piece reminded me of when I would walk to the beach and look closely for washed up treasures.

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Wading while waiting!!

Waiting is the hardest, especially when it is for something very exciting. Listening to music helps, but when a great arrangement is heard, I want to paint. It is an adventure of unknown results when my hands are moved by the sounds. After looking at the results, I saw a tidal pool. Just had to add some tadpoles swimming in in the swirling water!

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A new technique to me to illustrate children’s books.

After completing the chair project, It was time to jump in again to the unknown. Why not try a new way to illustrate the next children’s book? Don’t know why the unknown is more fun to me, but well, there it is.

Paper, paint, brayer and an assortment of stuff to create textures with and GLUE were piled on my art table. I finished illustration number six and have several more to go. On with the adventure!!!!

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Topped off the old painted chair with new pillow

The painted chair has had a chance to cure after a layer of hand rubbed wax medium. But the cozy factor still wasn’t up to parr! So back to the sewing machine and made a pillow to fit the bottom of the chair. A little free motion stitching, hand stitching and a small amount of stuffing the pillow was finished. And all is well. This art adventure has concluded and my studio is happy to have an inspiring place to sit and think!!

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3rd day of painting the old pink chair

Only pink left is what a mouse would see underneath the chair! With four coats of primer and sanding in between, I decided that was it. Time to paint. No going back. Just be brave, grab a brush, mix some colors and begin. I wish I could offer a better photo of this stage. I am very surprised with the outcome. It’s going to be a pretty neat chair for my studio. Next adventure will be to make a cushion for it!

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I was looking through Facebook and came across “I painted my sofa”. Sounded like a perfect project to me and the tutorial made it look so easy. This should be a piece of cake. I decided to paint my old pink chair that’s in my studio, much smaller that a full size sofa! Rounded up the required supplies, mixed the paint and decided to experiment on the back of the chair. And it went OK. YES I could see the possibilities!

With the help of Advil, a heating pad and lots of stretching breaks the old pink chair now has two coats of paint. Tomorrow I hope to sand it down and two more coats and paint a fun scene all over it.

Being at least being 40 years older than the girl who made the “easy to do” tutorial would make a difference! If I’m not back in physical therapy from doing this, I’ll keep posting the progress!

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Quilting Arts Magazine, June/July 2017 issue

I am so honored to be one of seven different artists representing a sampling of Martha Sielman’s book ART QUILTS INTERNATIONAL: abstracts & geometric in the June/July issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.  My quilt  “Second Bloom” on page 27 is surrounded by beautiful works from Germany, Japan, Alaska, Connecticut, Colorado and Florida. Thank you Martha and Quilting Arts!!

FIBER: Second Bloom, 37″ x 26″, free-motion embroidered, hand stitched

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Blouse made from canvas and used as my paint pallet. Added a few stems and it’s ready to wear! 

Wish I could remember where I saw this idea. It seemed like a grand idea to me. Instead of trying to keep the paint off my clothes, I could get the paint all over them! First I bought some canvas from a local hobby store. I’ve never washed canvas before, but thought that might be a good idea. There was a lot of fraying after drying, but didn’t give up. Cut the pattern, serged all the seams and used the final product as my paint pallet! Turned out pretty good, a little heavy but comfortable!

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Studio Art Quilt Association Spotlight Donation

Donation to SAQA 2017 Spotlight Auction. Hand stitched.

Thank you to all who participated in the grand event. My donation “Sweet Dreams” recently sold at The 2017 Spotlight Auction. The proceeds of the auction will touch every aspect of SAQA’s programs — from superb traveling exhibitions and high quality publications like exhibition catalogs and the quarterly SAQA Journal, to professional and social support through an active and extensive regional network.

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FIBER: 48″ x 32″ raw edge appliqué, hand embroidery, free motion stitching, weaving, painting

“Art is Confession” has been juried into the special exhibit TEXTILE POSTERS – STUDIO ART QUILTS ASSOCIATES and will debut at the International Quilt Festival Houston November 2-5, 2017 and travel to the International Quilt Festival Chicago April 12- 14, 2018

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